Rob Manfred telling reporters how much he hates baseball.
This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 11-25-2019

Craig Edwards – FanGraphs: Major League Baseball is less competitive than it has been in a long time, maybe even ever. This is a big problem, one of the biggest problems facing MLB today. People watch sports to see competition and if that competition is not present then they eventually tune out and often never come back. MLB doesn’t care though, because they are a league hindered by a very narrow vision that is exclusively short term. Profits now, the future of the league be damned.

Marc Normandin – MLB owners do not want to pay minor league players. They know that we know this and as is always the case, they don’t care. The owners know that their Houston Plan is transparently awful, just as they know that everyone and their mother is keenly aware that the Houston Plan exists simply to save the owners more money. The brass tacks are simple, MLB owners do not care about the future of the game of baseball or about paying minor leaguers anything close to resembling a liveable wage.

J.J. Cooper – Baseball America ($): The Houston Plan is so bad that it deserves two spots this week. Listen, everyone reading this knows where I fall on all of the issues related to the Houston Plan. It’s a terrible idea, driven by people who don’t care one iota about baseball or the future of the sport. Something like the Houston Plan comes about when you have owners who don’t care about baseball and an MLB front office that actively loathes baseball. 

Lead photo courtesy of Charles Rex Arbogast – Associated Press

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