A lone baseball

Baseball is Coming

For months now people have been crying about baseball coming back. We all know that they really meant Major League Baseball and not baseball in general. Well, it’s time for people to admit that MLB is in the middle of a justifiable labor dispute and there may not be an MLB season this year. Even […]

Roberto Ramos about to crush a dinger for the LG Twins

All the Power

Roberto Ramos has been giving Korea Baseball Organization pitchers nightmares. The former Colorado Rockies prospect came into the league and immediately was hitting the cover off of the ball. Even in a season where the rumors are flying that the KBO baseball is juiced again his power numbers have been impressive. However, most impressive is […]

A play at the plate during an LMB game

Bad Business in Mexico

No matter the professional baseball league in question, the issue of money is impossible to escape. This site doesn’t write about the financial side of unaffiliated baseball as much because for most leagues the money side of things isn’t as in your face as in affiliated baseball. Reading up on the latest Major League Baseball […]