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This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 05-11-2020

Daniel R. Epstein – Baseball FYI: Baseball Reference is a great hub for baseball information. For a long time, there has been one glaring omission from their Play Index feature, the ability to search for Negro major league results right alongside their white counterparts. I was hopeful that Play Index’s successor, Stathead, would rectify this issue. Sadly, it hasn’t, and that’s why no matter how good it is as a search engine, Stathead is ultimately an incomplete and failed search engine for major league stats.

Marc Normandin – Baseball Prospectus ($): Major League Baseball fans want their league back. I’m no different, I would love to be watching MLB right now. It’s important that we remember why we can’t have it back. Just as important is that we don’t use empty platitudes and cloying emotion to bring MLB back before it should actually be brought back. MLB is not the salve that heals all wounds and we shouldn’t treat it as such. No matter how many high powered sports agents write opinion columns stating otherwise.

Ben Clemens – FanGraphs: One of the joys of being a fan of the game of baseball as opposed to the brand of baseball that is MLB is that I have been exposed to foreign baseball for some time now. There are countless leagues playing in many different countries where they speak many different languages. No matter the language or the country one thing remains the same, baseball is baseball. It is the sport we love and picking out the elements that make us love baseball is just as easy in Spanish as it is in Mandarin or English.

Lead photo courtesy of Kirby Lee – USA Today

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