Header image from an article on The Baseball Scholar about the 100 greatest pitchers ever

Segregated History

Recently I was listening to an episode of the Effectively Wild podcast. The episode in question was number 1487, We Remembered Some Guys. The basic gist of the episode was that co-hosts Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller (Meg Rowley is also a co-host but was not involved in the majority of the episode) were briefly […]

Chet Brewer with the Kansas City Monarchs

Brewing Up a Good Career

By the time he made affiliated baseball in 1952, Chet Brewer was already 45 years old. The former Negro Leaguer was chosen to be player-manager for the Riverside-Ensenada Comets who over the course of the season would become the Riverside-Porterville Comets and then just the Porterville Comets. Brewer was brought into the Southwestern International League […]

Smokey Joe Williams while with the Homestead Grays

Legendary Smoke

That Smokey Joe Williams played in an era where he could easily be forgotten does not excuse actually forgetting him. The fact that Williams’ name almost never appears on any list of the greatest pitchers ever is a travesty. Yet, it’s all too easy to explain away the erasure of Williams from baseball lore. He […]