Washington Nationals fans celebrating.
This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 11-04-2019

David Roth – Deadspin: As of this writing Deadspin as we all knew it is dead and buried. The new Deadspin is a zombie site, existing solely for clicks and not for quality content. In its death throes, Deadspin released this gem, which gets right to the heart of the connection between politics and sports. Of course, Washington Nationals fans booed Donald Trump, and it’s great that they did. But, even if I thought differently I would think it is a wonderful thing to see people use the venue of sport to make their political feelings well known. Baseball is politics and politics is baseball, always and forever.

Meg Rowley – FanGraphs: The fallout from the Houston Astros abhorrent actions prior to the start of the World Series continues. I say the Astros and not just Brandon Taubman because it is clear to all that there is a systemic problem within the Astros organization. The key is to not let up on trying to expose the Astros front office and organization for the way they have chosen to conduct themselves. If we let up they will continue unabated and no one should want that.

Exavier Pope – Forbes: Another Major League Baseball season has concluded and for another season the current state of African-American involvement in the game is at a critically low state. The reality is that black players, African-American or otherwise, have made baseball into the greatest sport on this planet. It is sad to see how MLB has allowed so many obstacles to be placed in front of black involvement within the youth ranks of the game. MLB has positioned itself as the stewards of baseball. If they want to live up to such a title they need to do a better job at growing the game, once again, within the Africa-American community.

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