Kansas City Royals fans celebrating at Kauffman Stadium.
This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 09-16-2019

Ken Schultz – Outsports: Baseball is about community and it’s important that we make all valued members of the baseball community feel welcome. Pride Days are only a start, it matters more what teams do in-between Pride Days. Still, that start is very important, because without the LGBTQ+ community there is no baseball community. It’s as simple as that.

Matt Provenzano – Beyond the Box Score: Baseball is supposed to be about winning, that’s where the community most benefits from their fandom. The firing of Dave Dombrowski is further proof that the days of Major League Baseball owners caring about winning first and foremost are over. One of these days an owner will decide to continually allow their front office to tackle that new blazing hot market inefficiency; actually doing everything possible to put the best team on the field and win ball games.

Albert Burneko – Deadspin: What makes baseball a community, and ultimately allows big-league teams to win, is that the players actually play the game. This is true from unaffiliated ball all the way to the major leagues. If some people had their way games would be eliminated altogether and instead of establishing baseball fans for life Minor League Baseball would cease to exist. Players would occupy backfields and warehouses only, where they follow the process to hopefully be competent cookie-cutter legitimate baseball players one day. Luckily the baseball landscape that Tarvis Sawchik and his ilk want isn’t here yet. If that day ever does come, it doesn’t sound like a baseball world I want any part of.

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