A game in the 2018 Women's Baseball World Cup.
This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 07-22-2019

Beth Woerner – Baseball Prospectus: Women’s baseball almost always gets the short shrift. Baseball Prospectus is going a long way towards helping that with a satellite site devoted to statistics from the 2018 Women’s Baseball World Cup. We’re talking real-time info that can tell you spin rates, exit velocities, and more from that year’s tournament. I’m hoping this becomes a feature for every tournament and that eventually other playing sites have data available so that BP can expand beyond the WBWC.

BttP Staff – Banished to the Pen: We all can use a little help every now and then when it comes to understanding the statistics side of baseball. Especially when new sabermetric stats pop up every year and then become widely circulated with little to no explanation of what they mean or why they are important. Various sites have glossaries, including our own, in an attempt to help. What Banished to the Pen has done is to offer a sort of primer but in the form of baseball cards that don’t just define but explain the numbers in a colorful way that is easy to understand. They plan on doing something like 20 statistics, but I’m hoping the folks at BttP do a lot more than just those 20.

Grant Brisbee – The Athletic ($): The idea of going back in time to watch the best baseball seasons is super appealing. Grant makes it even more appealing by offering a wide swath of choices and not just sticking with affiliated ball. To be in the stands for some of baseball’s greatest moments, or to watch Carlos Royer put on the best pitching season no one has ever heard of before? Man, what fun that would be, what a great freaking time we would all have.

Lead photo courtesy of Laura Heald – Sports Illustrated

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