Willians Astudillo rounds the bases for the Minnesota Twins.
This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 05-06-2019

The Ringer – Ben Lindbergh: A good rule in loving baseball is to always promote anything having to do with Willians Astudillo. The Minnesota Twins are quickly discovering that a potential superstar has fallen into their collective lap. Major League Baseball has begun to understand that Astudillo is more than just a player. Fans of baseball have come to love everything that is Willians Astudillo. He may not look like your typical MLB player in the year 2019, but Astudillo is a special baseball player worthy of all the attention he receives.

Baseball Prospectus – Zack Moser ($): The history of baseball in Venezuela is long and complicated. This includes everything from the efforts of the United States to use their considerable power to control the path of the nation to MLB attempting to control the narrative about professional ball in the Latin American country. One thing is for sure though, the history of baseball in Venezuela is rich. The current crossroads they find themselves on isn’t their first, and in their efforts to stand up to the United States and MLB the future of baseball in Venezuela may never be the same.

The Players’ Tribune – Rich Hill: Players are human, and any words I type here would do no justice to the depths of humanity Hill displays in this article.

Lead photo courtesy of Ken Blaze – USA Today

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