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This Week in Baseball

This Week in Baseball: 02-24-2020

Jeffrey Paternostro – Baseball Prospectus ($): In a perfect world it wouldn’t be a big deal that minor leaguers will be appearing for the first time in the 20th edition of the MLB The Show video game franchise. Minor leaguers would be paid for their likenesses in addition to earning a living wage. We don’t live in that perfect world. Rather, we live in a world where minor leaguers aren’t paid for their likenesses or a livable wage. Yet again Major League Baseball is more than willing to exploit minor leaguers for profits.

Matt Provenzano – Beyond the Box Score: Rob Manfred is secure in his position as Commissioner of Baseball. It’s telling that such an ineffectual and out of touch leader can feel secure in his position. As MLB teeters closer and closer to a breaking point thanks to any number of scandals Manfred remains secure because he makes the owners money. Manfred can keep his security while he incompetently attempts to steer the MLB ship. By the time he hits the iceberg and MLB goes down, it won’t matter. Manfred will have made a collection of rich white men even richer and that’s his real job.

Grant Brisbee – The Athletic ($): Aubrey Huff isn’t a name that should still be relevant to baseball fans. He’s a long-retired average ballplayer and that means he should have faded from our collective consciousness some time ago. Unfortunately, Huff is also a racist, sexist, and a whole bunch of other -ists. He keeps putting himself back in the spotlight by regurgitating one terrible opinion after another. You really shouldn’t ignore such hate, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want us all to ignore Huff so he can finally fade into the obscure recesses of our minds, where he belongs.

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