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This Week in Baseball: 01-13-2020

Luis Torres – Beyond the Box Score: The Chicago White Sox signing Luis Roberts to an extension is great for the White Sox and for Roberts’ bank account right now. However, it’s also another example of the methods teams have implemented to try and manipulate a player’s service time. If Roberts ends up being the generational talent some believe he will be then he will miss out on important arbitration years due to this contract. It may not seem like a problem when a player is getting millions, but when the deal robs him of even more millions it’s a problem.

Ken Schultz – Outsports: Peter Gammons is a respected baseball writer and member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s also someone willing to gloss over Curt Schilling’s transphobia and other misdeeds to get his friend into the same Hall of Fame. It’s hard sometimes to call out respected people for not being allies, and the reality is we could all do a better job of being allies. However, when Gammons pushes for people to overlook hs buddies transphobia he’s telling all his readers that transphobia isn’t a big deal. Transphobia is a big deal, and Curt Schilling does not belong in any Hall of Fame.

Keith Law – The Athletic ($): I’m someone who has never ventured too far into player valuation territory because I’m never all that sure what I should be looking for when it comes to projections. I can judge/grade a player just fine in the here and now, but trying to project how good a 17-year-old kid will be in five years is just not up my alley. Scouting isn’t easy for many reasons, but the difficulty of projections is one of them for sure. Knowing how a prospect writer thinks about grading and projecting players is invaluable.

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