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Unaffiliated Happenings???

For a while now I’ve been seeking a way to stay more involved with the site without writing every day. The facts are that working full time on the ambulance, family life, and being a part-time college student doesn’t leave me with much downtime to write. Heck, I don’t have much downtime period and lately, I’d rather spend that time with a game on and a grill in front of me. Entering full dad mode meant writing took a back seat to simply enjoying the game of baseball.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, the usual content you’ve been receiving in sporadic bursts will continue. I’m going to keep writing about the players, teams, and leagues that make up unaffiliated baseball. This site will continue to write about issues within unaffiliated baseball, and baseball in general, that matter. There will still be occasional historical articles on two-way players, the Negro Leagues, or players that never quite received their proper due. However, those will continue to be sporadic efforts as they take some more time.

What I’d like to quickly run by my readers is the idea of a weekly, if possible, column called something like Unaffiliated Happenings. It would be a quick breakdown of the fiveish most important news stories from the previous week in the unaffiliated baseball world. I’m thinking nothing more than two to four sentences per news item and only stories that I genuinely believe are worth making sure others know about.

All I need from you is your input below. Is this something that interests you or would you rather I not go down this path? If there is interest I’ll give it a go and if there isn’t this is the last you’ll hear of this idea. Well, let me know what you think,

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