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Transaction Analysis

Transaction Analysis: The Venados Fleece the Yaquis

Venados de Mazatlán traded Sebastian Valle C-R to Yaquis de Obregón for Isaac Paredes 2B/SS/3B-R

This was a remarkably easy trade for the Venados to make. While Valle had been adequate as a backup catcher for the Venados, that’s all he was ever going to be with them, a backup catcher. His solid defensive skills can be easily replaced and already have in a following deal for Humberto Sosa. It’s not that Sosa is any great shakes, it’s that back-up defense-first catchers aren’t extremely hard to come by.

What can be hard to find are middle infielders with positional flexibility and developing bats. That’s exactly what Mazatlán now has in Paredes. He is the main draw of this trade, coming off of a season fro the Yaquis where he slashed .295/.372/.373 in 188 plate appearances. He’s a plus defender at second, short, or third. However, with the Venados he will likely slot into second base where his glove plays much better. 

The one concern with Paredes is the lack of power. Liga Mexicana del Pacífico isn’t a real power hitters league, but even then Paredes has never shown much power in Mexico’s premier league. He’s flashed fair power for a second baseman in the affiliated minors, but in LMP he has been mainly a contact driven singles hitter. The Venados are hoping that they can get Paredes to maintain his contact approach but to tap into some of that affiliated power so that singles become doubles and doubles become home runs. The power is there and as long as the Venados are patient they should have themselves quite the second baseman for many years to come.

Yaquis de Obregón traded Isaac Paredes 2B/SS/3B-R to Venados de Mazatlán for Sebastian Valle C-R

I really do not understand this deal for the Yaquis. As mentioned above, Valle is a perfectly fine backup catcher but that’s all he is, a backup catcher. Last season in 162 plate appearances he slashed .189/.263/.278. Those numbers arent a one-time occurrence, rather they are in line with the production Valle has provided throughout his LMP career. Valle isn’t coming to Obregón to be a starter, but to once again serve as a backup. I’m sure he will be fine in that role, but giving up a player with Paredes’ potential for a backup catcher seems rather foolhardy.

The only way this deal makes sense for the Yaquis is if they simply do not believe that there is much more room for growth in Paredes’ bat. Or, it could be that the Yaquis front office believes that the Detroit Tigers will make Paredes a priority and he will possibly stop playing in a winter circuit. If it’s the latter I can understand the trade somewhat. However, if the former is what the Yaquis are thinking then they will be quite upset as Paredes continues to develop and helps the Venados maintain their place in the standings above the Yaquis year after year.

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