Justin Turner spreading the Coronavirus without a care in the world
Three Batter Minimum

Three Batter Minimum: Justin Turner and the Lies We Tell

For the past week, I have wanted to write about baseball. Every morning I would wake up with the idea that today I would write about one topic or another. I’d get out of bed and head downstairs. That’s where all my thoughts about writing changed. That tiny bit of walking was enough to leave me winded and dizzy. Winded and dizzy enough that a quick respite in the reclining couch was needed.

As I sit here typing the reality is that I still don’t feel all that well. Some of my symptoms have subsided, but I still find myself getting dizzy and winded far too easily. Coronavirus is a serious disease even if the sports world seems to want to treat it like it’s not. I am someone who took all the measures, took this disease as seriously as one possibly could. Yet, my job meant that every shift I came into contact with those who knowingly or unknowingly had the deadly virus. During one of those encounters, the virus managed to get past all my personal protective equipment.

As I sit here writing and taking breaks from writing as I become too dizzy my thoughts go back to the recent Justin Turner debacle. At the time I was angry with Turner’s actions just as much as the inaction of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball. A few weeks removed from a COVID positive Turner finding his way onto the field to celebrate the Dodgers World Series victory I’m even angrier at Turner, the Dodgers, and MLB.

By the time Turner issued a statement nine members of the Dodgers organization, and at least one family member, had tested positive because of Turner’s actions. In his statement Turner proceeded to lie, claiming that he was only on the field for a quick photo with his wife. Only, we know that wasn’t the case. There are plenty of photos and videos of Turner holding the trophy, hugging coaches and teammates, running all over the field. At times he was wearing a mask but often he was not. The same is true for those he came into contact with, and Turner’s response to all that evidence was to lie and hope that his lie would be accepted.

At the same time, Turner’s statement was released Rob Manfred and MLB also issued a statement. In it, they accepted Turner’s lies and announced there would be no consequences for anyone involved. Turner gets to skate free despite his actions while the Dodgers and MLB face zero consequences for their inaction. For MLB, the Dodgers, and Turner it is the perfect outcome even if it is an outcome borne by lies and turning a blind eye.

As I sit here I am becoming quite dizzy and I think I will have to stop writing for the day. This is better than my output has been for the past two weeks. I’m also lucky if all I have to worry about are muscle aches and some dizziness. Others are dying and spending weeks in the hospital. People continue to suffer because of the knowingly malicious actions of individuals like Justin Turner and the capricious inaction of organizations like the Dodgers and MLB. Years from now I hope we can look back on these days and realize that Turner, the Dodgers, and MLB deserve nothing but scorn for the role they have played in helping the spread of this deadly virus.

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