The real Victor the Space Ape looking fine while with the Lamigo Monkeys
Three Batter Minimum

Three Batter Minimum: In Search of a Real Ape

Baseball is back and it’s awesome. I’ve watched as much Chinese Professional Baseball League action as I’ve physically been able to these past few weeks. Getting back into the natural cadence of regular baseball has been a welcome addition to a world turned upside down. The CPBL isn’t new to me, regular readers of this site know I’ve been a fan for a few years now. Because of my familiarity with the league it’s returning has been like slipping on a well-worn pair of jeans.

The biggest change for me this year has undoubtedly been the Lamigo Monkeys becoming the Rakuten Monkeys. The change has been rather seamless and as a result, I have remained a Monkeys fan. Not all is well in Taoyuan, in fact something is clearly amiss. There’s someone or something traipsing around in a Monkeys uniform who doesn’t belong in that uniform. I’m not sure where this gent came from, but I can tell you that I want him gone. Victor the Space Ape is missing and his replacement is nothing more than a cheap imposter.

For the uninitiated Victor was/is the mascot for the Lamigo version of the Monkeys. He was a jovial sort whose signature was his ability to always seem so damn excited to be at the ballpark. He had fun with fans, messed with them, would regularly get up to mischief, and all in all he was a fabulous mascot. When Lamigo became Rakuten lots of changes were inevitable. It wasn’t completely clear what fate awaited our favorite ape from outer space. Then a new Victor emerged, with red fur and a face that was far less happy.

That Victor has been at the ballpark to start the season. Let me tell you, Fake Victor is a complete sham. Instead of fun and mischief, he just sits around making dead faces at the camera. I say dead because it honestly looks like he has no soul. Fake Victor goes through the motions and acts as a complete dullard. At first, I wanted to give the poor ape a break and chalk it all up to a lack of fans. Then I witnessed this crock of a mascot deadass stare into the camera for a solid thirty seconds and not do a single damn thing. Fans or no fans, Fake Victor is terrible.

Where have you gone Victor? This is what I need to know. Fake Victor will be gone or disappear into the background sometime soon. The Monkeys are debuting their new mascot, Rocky, soon and it’s unclear if Fake Victor will be kept around. One thing is clear, even if his blue fur and uniform are from the Lamigo days the Monkeys need the return of the real Victor. Where have you gone Victor the Space Ape? The world turns its lonely eyes to you.

Lead photo courtesy of Unknown – Chinese Professional Baseball League

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