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Three Batter Minimum

Three Batter Minimum: Baseball Fighters

I’m not a gamer, I never considered myself one. That’s not to say that I don’t partake in my fair share of video games. I most decidedly do, but they tend to be from one specific genre, fighting games. It’s not that I’m the best at them, nor do I ever dare compete competitively. As silly as it sounds, I like them simply for what they are. Specifically fighting games from Capcom or SNK. The flashy characters are what initially drew me in, then I discovered I liked the gameplay, the stories, the whole lot of it really.

My latest fighting game of choice has been a mobile game, King of Fighters All-Stars. It’s not the best game, but it immerses me in the world of SNK characters that I like so much (truth be told I always preferred SNK to Capcom). This past month King of Fighters All-Stars merged two of my favorite things; baseball, and fighting games. They ran a nearly month-long promotion in conjunction with the Chinese Professional Baseball League’s CTBC Brothers that included Brothers imagery throughout the game, baseball-themed stages, missions, and players. 

Cross-promotion in video games is nothing new. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to remember all the various instances of cross-promotion that video games have been a part of throughout the years. The joint venture between King of Fighters All-Stars and the Brothers wasn’t unique or special. It was fun though, I looked forward to seeing that big elephant in a yellow uniform pop up on my screen every morning. In the current times it brought me closer to the sport I love that at times seems so far, far away.

Like all cross-promotions, the Brothers one has ended and a new one has already started up this month. I’m still playing the game, the various promotions are not why I play the game after all. I still feel a twinge of sadness every morning when that silly elephant doesn’t pop up on my screen. All good things come to an end, even in video games, but the memories remain.

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