Robinson Cancel managing a game for Tomateros de Culiacán in a 2018-2019 season game.

The Playoffs Have Been Cancelled!

I never really think about getting fired from my job. It’s true that the possibility exists, but I don’t fancy the notion and don’t allow it to enter my thoughts on a regular basis. Even if I did, I’m reasonably certain that I wouldn’t be fired while in the middle of the most important part of my job. It simply doesn’t make sense to fire a Paramedic when he’s in the middle of taking a patient to the hospital. Job security is a real thing that I am fortunate and glad to have.

Baseball managers also have a certain amount of presumed job security. Not as much as most folks as they do tend to get fired both midseason and when a team is retooling their organization in the offseason. Managers are usually safe during a game and they are generally always safe in the midst of a playoff run. Or, at least they are supposed to be free from worrying about their job while they are trying to win a playoff series. Just don’t tell that to Robinson Cancel, whatever you do.

Cancel was the manager for Tomateros de Culiacán of Liga Mexicana del Pacífico. I say was because Cancel got the axe last week. With the Tomateros being eliminated from the playoffs, it makes sense that he was let go. Winter league managerial positions are notoriously tenuous; managers come and go quite regularly and it’s often not a comment on the manager when he is removed from his position. However, when Cancel was removed from his position, the Tomateros were busy being down 3 games to 1 in the quarterfinal round of the LMP playoffs.

The top Tomateros brass hasn’t spoken up about the management shakeup, but all media reports suggest that the firing is a result of the Tomateros taking an 11-1 drubbing in game 4 of the series. A bad loss is a bad loss, and managers are fired all the time, but Cancel appears to be the first ever professional baseball manager fired during a playoff series. Cancel found no job security when he should have had it most. Perhaps I need to rethink how secure my job is when I am taking a patient to the hospital.

Lead photo courtesy of Mario García Madrid – Luz Noticias

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