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What if No One Watches?

A big part of covering the wide world of unaffiliated baseball is the knowledge that you are covering the lesser-seen side of baseball. In all honesty, a lot of the time it is the unseen side of baseball. There’s no shame in that really, after all, unaffiliated baseball exists in a world where Major League […]

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Monetization Gone Wrong

We all want to make money, we live in a world where we need to make money. Most people who write about baseball want to monetize their efforts in some way. That doesn’t mean they are greedy or trying to bilk people out of their hard-earned cash. In the past, I’ve been fond of telling […]

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Streaming Guide

“I have no idea where to watch it,” is one of the most common refrains people have when discussing why they don’t watch unaffiliated leagues. I don’t particularly like that refrain, but after a few years of attempting to educate people on the availability of unaffiliated baseball streaming options, I realized I needed to try […]