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Yesterday was the first time Words Above Replacement posted an article in over a week. I feel that I owe some kind of explanation for this. This won’t be a long explanation, more of a simple “here’s the status of the site as it stands right now.” Maybe I explain things too much, but people pay to read what I have to say on this site and that comes with certain responsibilities.

To keep it simple, the site isn’t going anywhere. Myself, and Yirsandy, will continue to produce the best content we can as often as we can. However, Yirsandy is a busy guy and with my new job at a far busier urban department, I don’t find myself with as much time to write as I had before. All this means is that some weeks the site may have no posts, the next week it may have two posts, or we may hit a stretch where we have five posts a week for a few weeks. I wish I could continue to churn out content Monday-Friday every single week, but this is my side gig and I can’t let my full-time work as a Paramedic suffer in order to serve my side gig.

Basically, we’re not going anywhere, this site is here to stay. If you like what we’re doing, by all means, kick in a few bucks to our Patreon, it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you don’t, the posts will keep coming and the Streaming Guide will remain the best source online for streaming unaffiliated baseball. Yirsandy and I are glad to have each and every one of you along for the ride and look forward to continuing that ride on a somewhat more relaxed schedule.

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Father (human/feline/canine), husband, Paramedic, Socialist, writer Internet Baseball Writers Association of America and Off the Bench Baseball; freelance writer at various online and print publications. Member Internet Baseball Writers Association of America & Society for American Baseball Research.

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