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League Primer

League Primer: Copa Gobernador

A little known tournament is taking place this March. Learn all about Copa Gobernador (CG).


Copa Gobernador has been taking place since 2003. It’s a small tournament organized by Instituto Estatal del Deporte de Coahuila. In the past, all three Liga Mexicana de Béisbol teams from the state of Coahuila participated as well as often one invited team from Liga de Béisbol Instruccional del Norte de Coahuila. As was the case last year it appears this year that there will be no LNC representative, but rather a fourth LMB team.


The games take place over one weekend, March 28-29. It’s a single-elimination tournament with the winners on day one advancing to play one another for the championship on day two. The losers on day one compete in a third-place game on day two. Traditional baseball rules are observed and all teams use the designated hitter.

Level of Play

The scale,




The tournament consisting entirely of LMB teams makes placing the talent level of the tournament quite easy. CG is a AAA-level tournament.


  • Acereros de Monclova
  • Algodoneros de Unión Laguna
  • Saraperos de Saltillo
  • Sultanes de Monterrey


There is no website that carries any CG statistics. Baseball Reference does not carry any CG stats.

People to Follow

There’s no one who writes about or covers CG specifically. However, some of the usual folks who cover LMB also chime in when the CG is taking place and they are worth a follow.

Fernando Ballesteros@purobeisbolfb
Bruce Baskin


The CG does not have any website or social media of any type.


There doesn’t appear to be any way to stream any of the CG games, nor does any research reveal that the games are, or ever were, broadcast on local television.

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