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Coronavirus and Baseball

Going to keep this relatively short and sweet friends. The Coronavirus is a pandemic and that means that as should happen sports leagues the globe over are being canceled and suspended. This is, obviously, affecting baseball. While not all baseball leagues have announced changes to their seasons I can’t really justify continuing to do League Primers when I’m not sure when, or even if, a league will actually start play. For the time being the League Primers (outside of one scheduled to post in a couple of days) are being put on hold. However, when things stabilize and it’s more clear what leagues are playing and when I will pick up the series again.

That being said, this site isn’t going dark. Now, more than ever, I need an outlet to relieve some of the stress of my everyday life. For those unaware, I’m a Paramedic and I’m also a father to a young daughter with a rotten immune system. Life is stressful usually, but add in the current happenings and life has gotten hella stressful. I wrote about baseball to help get me away from some of that stress and that’s why this site will continue to publish content. Many of the columns that you already know will continue unabated and I’ll dive deeper into unaffiliated and affiliated baseball history.

John Thorn once said, “Baseball opens with the spring, when hope is rampant. Delaying baseball is to delay spring, which is to delay hope” Everyone reading this site knows that baseball takes place year-round. We may not have a lot, or any, live baseball from any league right now, but we have hope; baseball’s spring is neverending.

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