Rob Manfred explaining how much he hates baseball

A New Commissioner

This past week was no different than any other week as far as Major League Baseball and Rob Manfred are concerned. It was yet another week where we were all reminded of just how much Manfred hates the game of baseball. Personally, I’m sick of digging deep into the Manfred regime. As every layer of the man and his regime is peeled away it’s just more evidence of how much he loathes the game that we all love. I am convinced, now more than ever, that baseball needs a change at the top.

I recently changed departments. I went from a rather large department that averages around 5,000 calls a day to a smaller department that runs 300-400 calls a day. One thing that I have noticed in the change is that I am being led by people who actually care about and love the idea of the Emergency Medical Services. Not every idea they have is the best, nor do they all work, but I respect where the ideas are coming from. That makes a huge difference, it literally makes even the worst days at work easier to handle.

The same cannot be said for the worst days of dealing with MLB news. It’s always bad these days, and it only seems to be getting worse. A key reason behind this is that the man in charge of the largest and most important organization in the sport of baseball loathes the sport of baseball. It makes his edicts and announcements difficult to handle. Worst of all, it negates many of his ideas before I even take the time to consider them.

Should I be so short and easily dismissive of Manfred and his ideas? No, I really shouldn’t, but we are all products of our circumstances. We all operate on a level where we apply our biases to the world around us. I know that Manfred hates the game I love and that makes me question any idea he puts forth. That’s one of the main reasons that I know it is time for a change. While I wouldn’t be opposed to something radical like the dissolution of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, right now I’d simply be happy with another Commissioner.

It’s not like Manfred had huge shoes to fill either. I mean, yeah, Bud Selig wore giant clown shoes, but that’s because he was a terrible Commissioner. I do not want to give Selig any credit whatsoever. Virtually everything he did was bad for baseball and he was an abhorrent human being. All that being said, I know that Selig liked the game of baseball. That much was clear, and it makes me think he was a better Commissioner than Manfred. That’s like saying a shit sandwich is slightly better than a piss sandwich, so not really anything Selig should be hanging his hat on.

I’m mad, that’s all there really is to it. I love the game of baseball and while I understand it’s not an easy sport and MLB isn’t an easy organization to manage I have to believe that the league can do better than a soulless goon like Manfred. I know, I know, he’s made tons of money for the owners and isn’t going anywhere because they only care about how much money they have in the bank. A man can dream though, and right now I’m dreaming of a baseball world without Rob Manfred. It’s so, so beautiful my friends. So damn beautiful.

Lead photo courtesy of Ross D. Franklin – Associated Press

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