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What if No One Watches?

A big part of covering the wide world of unaffiliated baseball is the knowledge that you are covering the lesser-seen side of baseball. In all honesty, a lot of the time it is the unseen side of baseball. There’s no shame in that really, after all, unaffiliated baseball exists in a world where Major League […]

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Baseball is Coming

For months now people have been crying about baseball coming back. We all know that they really meant Major League Baseball and not baseball in general. Well, it’s time for people to admit that MLB is in the middle of a justifiable labor dispute and there may not be an MLB season this year. Even […]

USPBL owner and CEO Andy Appleby

Please, Don’t Take the Field

On June 10th there will be professional baseball in America. It won’t come from Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball. Nor will one of the major independent leagues such as the Atlantic League or American Association be playing. Rather, the four-team United Shore Professional Baseball League will hold it’s Opening Day. Get ready for […]