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What if No One Watches?

A big part of covering the wide world of unaffiliated baseball is the knowledge that you are covering the lesser-seen side of baseball. In all honesty, a lot of the time it is the unseen side of baseball. There’s no shame in that really, after all, unaffiliated baseball exists in a world where Major League […]

Yadir Drake with the pretty swing

To Watch or Not to Watch

Anyone who writes about baseball in the year 2020 finds themselves in an interesting place. Specifically, those of us writing about baseball in the Americas are stuck in-between a rock and a hard place. The question we are faced with is whether to watch or not to watch? Do we watch and write about something […]

Dan Straily on the mound for the Lotte Giants

An Unexpected Ace

The waiting game is sometimes necessary with players new to the unaffiliated leagues. Especially those with Major League Baseball experience. Far too often those players show up in an unaffiliated league, dominate for a few games, then hit a wall. They hit that wall hard and more often than not find their way out of […]