Lin An-Ko of the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions

A Star in the Making

About the only disappointing aspect of Lin An-Ko’s 2020 season is that the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions have opted not to use him as a two-way player. Oh, how nice it would be if they had decided to go down that route and he was dominating opposing hitters on the mound and frustrating opposing pitchers at […]

Aríel Miranda mowing hitters down for the CTBC Brothers

A New Force in Taiwan

Henry Sosa’s return to the Fubon Guardians was the talk of the Chinese Professional Baseball League offseason. That came with good reason, Sosa had dominated for the Guardians in 2019 before leaving for the Korea Baseball Organization. With his return, it was assumed that it would be Sosa battling Mike Loree for the title of […]

Lin Li of the Lamigo Monkeys high-fiving teammates.

2019 CPBL MVP Race

The second half of the Chinese Professional Baseball League has a different feel to it than the first half did. This is evident in the standings where the Fubon Guardians have, as of this Sunday, staked themselves out a 1 game lead over the second-place Chinatrust Brothers. The first half champion Lamigo Monkeys find themselves […]