Stock image of someone watching a baseball game on their computer.

Baseball Streaming Guide

“I have no idea where to watch it,” is one of the most common refrains people have when discussing why they don’t watch unaffiliated leagues. I don’t particularly like that refrain, but after a few years of attempting to educate people on the availability of unaffiliated baseball streaming … Continue reading
Freddy Galvis celebrates with teammates during a LVBP Game.

MLB’s Imperialist March

October is fast approaching and for most people that means fall weather, Halloween shenanigans, and the end of baseball season. That last part isn’t true for everyone though, for a large chunk of baseball fans October’s arrival is fantastic news. Yes, the Major League Baseball playoffs mean … Continue reading
Henry Sosa hurls a pitch for the Fubon Guardians.

The New Ace of Taiwan

Foreign pitchers are the lifeblood of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Every team is allowed to carry three foreign players on their main roster, and most of the time all three spots are occupied by foreign pitchers. Mike Loree has been the standard of excellence in this regard, but … Continue reading