Dobie Moore with the Kansas City Monarchs in 1924

The Black Cat Strikes Again

There are some Negro Leagues greats who aren’t remembered and I can understand why. Those players were great at the wrong time or weren’t flashy in the way that allows players to remain relevant long after their careers have ended. I can look at those players and say, “Yeah, I can see why this player […]

Chet Brewer with the Kansas City Monarchs

Brewing Up a Good Career

By the time he made affiliated baseball in 1952, Chet Brewer was already 45 years old. The former Negro Leaguer was chosen to be player-manager for the Riverside-Ensenada Comets who over the course of the season would become the Riverside-Porterville Comets and then just the Porterville Comets. Brewer was brought into the Southwestern International League […]