A River City Rascals player in the on-deck circle.

The Death of the Rascals

On Monday the River City Rascals announced via press release that 2019 will be their last season of operation. The press release was straight to the point, focusing on the financial considerations that were about to bring about the Rascals demise. Those concerns are equally valid and a sign of the penny pinching that pro […]

General McArthur running the bases for his Junior College team.

General, My General

Baseball is the grandest game of them all. I am known to tell this to all who will listen, and quite often. Because of its long history, the one area where I am convinced that baseball has every other sport beat is in the player name department. I’m sure those who follow other sports will […]

Bryant Flete at-bat for the Southern Illinois Miners.

Frontier League Cubbies

For those who don’t know the Frontier League is an unaffiliated league operating out of the midwest. Teams in the FL come from Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Indiana. Of the ten teams in the league five are based in Illinois cities, which is, you know, a lot. It’s also a league with plenty […]