Stock image of someone watching a baseball game on their computer.

Baseball Streaming Guide

“I have no idea where to watch it,” is one of the most common refrains people have when discussing why they don’t watch unaffiliated leagues. I don’t particularly like that refrain, but after a few years of attempting to educate people on the availability of unaffiliated baseball streaming options, I realized I needed to try […]

A player running out of the batter's box in a Japan Women's Baseball League game.

Who to Follow: Australasia

I am a huge fan of unaffiliated, or independent, professional baseball. This is, no doubt, rooted in a heavy anti-authority streak that causes me to want to root against the Goliath of organized baseball that is Major League Baseball and it’s less Goliathy but still damn humongous son, Minor League Baseball. Well, not root against, […]