Stock image of someone watching a baseball game on their computer.

Baseball Streaming Guide

“I have no idea where to watch it,” is one of the most common refrains people have when discussing why they don’t watch unaffiliated leagues. I don’t particularly like that refrain, but after a few years of attempting to educate people on the availability of unaffiliated baseball streaming options, I realized I needed to try […]

Casio Grider watches teammate Luo Jinjun field a grounder.

China, Texas

One of the best things about baseball is the chance of seeing something new. Whether it’s watching a game in person, via a stream, or reading about the history of the greatest sport in the world the chance for discovery is always present. Sometimes it’s obvious, while at other times the discovery is unexpected. Kind […]

Keon Barnum at-bat for the Chicago Dogs.

Time for a Call-Up

Out of all the unaffiliated leagues out there I probably watch more American Association than any other league. Being a season ticket holder for our local AA team the Milwaukee Milkmen certainly helps in this regard. So does being a big fan of the St. Paul Saints, and the general easy availability of all league […]